Anthony Siarkiewicz


Anthony Siarkiewicz, winning a full tuition scholarship, he studied Advertising Design and Graphic Art at the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale. Throughout his career Anthony has moved freely between graphic design based projects and film production based projects. Over the years he has developed a keen eye, digital skills and works now as a motion-graphic graphic designer and editor. His interest in contemporary and fine art is a foundation to his creativity. He has collaborated with artists in art videos that have been shown internationally. Anthony lives now in Frankfurt/Main, Germany.

His private show-reel is available upon request. On this web site you will find a variety of personal projects and technical experiments.

Painting and illustration can be found at

DE 0178.603.6571

USA 646-221-9119



Recent screenings and events that have included my work.


I am very proud to have worked with many extraordinary companies. My commercial reel is available upon request.

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